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Welcome to! For over 20 years, DIC Entertainment has taken great pride in providing quality children's entertainment throughout the world. We value the relationships that we have cultivated with our viewers. In keeping with this tradition, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and handling any personal information we obtain from you with care and respect. Because we are a children's entertainment company, we particularly value our website visitors who are children, and we recognize the need to provide additional protections for them.

This Privacy Policy details the measures taken by DIC Entertainment to protect your privacy in connection with your use of We request that all guests take the time to review the information in this section to familiarize themselves with our policies and to answer their questions regarding our privacy policies and principles.

We have taken significant efforts to develop our privacy policies in compliance with the requirements established by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"). COPPA requires that we inform parents and legal guardians ("parents") about how we collect, use, and disclose personal information from our website visitors who are under 13 years of age ("kids"), and that we obtain a parent's consent before we collect any personal information from kids. By personal information, we mean individually identifiable information about a user that we collect online, such as first and last name, physical or email address, or telephone number.

In order to participate in much of the website, we require our guests to register. Once registered, a member may participate in registered member activities, including creating his own Troll, participating in polls and quizzes, receiving newsletters and special event details, entering contests and sweepstakes, and playing games.

There are five steps to the registration process:

  1. The first step in the registration process is for a guest to provide his or her birth date, country of residence, zip code, and gender.

  2. Next, a guest must create a password and a username (sometimes called a "screen name"). Registered members can use their username and password to login in to their account on and to gain access to the site features that are reserved for members only. A valid email address must also be entered at this time in order to continue.

  3. Guests will then create their own personalized troll using the Troll Maker. Guests can change various aspects of their troll's appearance until they create the troll they like best. Once the desired look is achieved, the guest must click "Make My Troll" to continue onto the next step.

  4. The fourth step is for the guest to pick a "Troll Name." A user will select his or her Troll Name from a list of randomly generated names. Users are unable to incorporate any private or personally identifiable information into their Troll Name, which helps to assure our users' privacy online. Registered members can provide their friends with their Troll Name should they wish to participate in the Spell Phone feature of the website. However, for privacy concerns, members cannot provide others with their Troll Name using any part of A member's Troll Name may also appear in other features of the website in which the member chooses to participate -- for example, if the member plays games in the Arcade, his Troll Name may appear on the leader board if he is a high scorer. However, a member's Troll Name can never be publicly linked to any personally identifiable information, including the member's name or email address.

  5. At the fifth and final step, the guest will be prompted to log in using the username and password created during registration. This step confirms the successful completion of the registration process, after which the new member can enjoy the fun and games in Trollzopolis!

The only personally identifiable information that collects from kids is a valid email address used to validate the registration. However, does not keep kids' email addresses in our database. When a kid provides a valid email address during the registration process, converts the email into a unique code which is linked to the kid's user name and password. The unique code contains no personally identifiable information, and it cannot be converted back into an email address. The kid's email address is then deleted from our systems, leaving only data that cannot be used to personally identify a kid. By using this system, parents can feel safe knowing that their kids' privacy is being protected and that their kids are not being targeted with marketing emails or other communications.

Should a kid forget the password to his account, he or she can fill out the form on the "Forgot Password" site feature. Here, he or she will be prompted to enter his username and email address. will re-encrypt this email address in order to match it to the unique code stored in our database. will then send the password via email to the address provided by the kid on the "Forgot Password" form. Once this email has been sent, the email address will once again be deleted from our system. will not solicit personally identifiable information directly from kids. The only exceptions to this are circumstances in which deletes personal information immediately after a one-time use. For example, if a non-registered kid submits a question to via email, we retain that email address only long enough to respond to the question; we will not use it to contact the child after the response. After answering the question, deletes the email address from our system. Additionally, gives kids the opportunity to send Trollz E-cards (electronic postcards) to their friends. We ask the user to submit the first name and the email address of the recipient of the E-card. uses this information only once, for the purpose of sending the postcards. Email addresses collected to send electronic postcards to friends are deleted from our system as soon as the requested postcards have been transmitted. The only other information that will directly solicit from registered kids is non-personally identifiable information - for example, information that would be solicited in a poll, such as kids' favorite hobbies, favorite Trollz, etc. In addition, we do not condition kids' participation in any of our online activities on the disclosure of more personal information than is reasonably necessary for kids to participate in the activity.

As described in the "Registered Membership" section above, we explicitly ask when we want our online guests who are 13 years of age or older to give us information that personally identifies them. The only personally identifiable information we ask of our registered members is a valid email address.

DIC does not currently disclose users' personal information to third parties, except in the limited circumstances described below. Because does not share personal information with third parties for direct marketing purposes, we are not subject to California Civil Code Section 1798.83, which relates to a California resident's right to request information on the disclosure of his personal information to third parties for such purposes.

DIC will not communicate with its registered members who are under the age of 13. As described above in "Information We Collect From and About Kids", DIC does not retain the email addresses provided by kids during the registration process.

DIC will only use a teen's or adult's personal information for the following types of communications that DIC initiates with its users:

  1. To reply to user questions directed to support staff

  2. To send Trollz Newsletters

  3. To inform users of Trollz special offers, contests, and promotions

  4. To inform users of new Trollz products and merchandise

  5. To inform users of Trollz special event details

  6. To inform users of special offers and events sponsored by partner companies and licensees. These communications may or may not be specific to the Trollz brand. They will come from DIC to our registered website users, not from our partners, and our partners and licensees will never have access to personal information collected from our users.

We may hire companies to help deliver products or services to teens or adults, such as to administer a contest or sweepstakes. In those instances, there is a need to share your personal information temporarily with these companies. These companies are allowed to gather, receive, and use your information only for the purposes described in this paragraph or as required by law. These companies will keep personally identifiable information only until we have successfully selected the winner(s), awarded the prize(s), and completed the administration of the sweepstakes. These companies may not use personal information for other purposes, and have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of this information.

We will disclose the information that we collect from our registered users when required to do so by law - for example, in response to a court order or subpoena. We may also choose to disclose the information we collect from our registered users in response to a request from a law enforcement agency. We reserve the right at all times to edit, refuse to post, or remove any information or materials from our site, and to act in an emergency to protect someone's safety or legal rights.

At any time, registered members may change their account status on by visiting the "Update My Profile Page." From this page, members may choose to opt-out of receiving communications from, or they may choose to delete their membership entirely. Such amendments and deletions will be carried out by staff in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours. Please note, however, that requests to be deleted from our database will render members unable to participate in the members only sections of

When guests visit our site, we automatically collect, in a text file called a "cookie," certain non-personally identifiable information about the guest's computer, such as the operating system that the guest is using (for example, Windows 95 or Mac OS), the user's IP address (this is the automatic number that is assigned to your computer when you surf the Internet), the web browser the guest is using (for example, Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer), and information about the Internet Service Provider (for example, AOL or MSN).

We collect and analyze this site usage information in the aggregate, using the cookies to help us figure out how many people visit our sites, which of our web pages they visit, and how long they stay there. By showing how and when visitors use the website, cookies help us to see which areas are popular and which are not. We can then use this information to create a website that better serves the needs of our guests.

For a user, cookies make web surfing easier by enabling us to save the user's passwords, purchases, and preferences. A cookie lets the computer remember that a user has registered, which allows us to speed up the user's future activities at our website. If you leave the site and then return, cookies will tell us information that you have already provided so that you do not have to start all over again. Letting the cookie do the recordkeeping saves the user the trouble of entering information over and over again during a single visit.

Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. If you would prefer, you can set your browser to refuse cookies, or to alert you whenever cookies are being sent. However, it is possible that some areas of will not function properly if you set your computer to refuse cookies.

Although the pieces of information that we collect via cookies are linked to your computer, we do not combine them with any personally identifiable or online contact information, such as a name, address or email address, and therefore you and your family remain anonymous.

You may occasionally get cookies from our ad server and/or from third party advertisers. The ad server cookie is only used to track how frequently each ad appears. No personally identifiable information is stored on the ad server cookie. does not control the cookies of our ad server and/or third party advertisers, and therefore these cookies are not subject to the cookie policy. The use of advertising cookies sent by ad servers or third party advertisers is standard in the Internet industry, and you'll find cookies at most major websites. does not use "third-party cookies" - cookies that communicate data about users to advertising clearinghouses which, in turn, share that data with other online marketers.

Our site contains links to other sites whose privacy policies may be different than our own. We do not endorse or take responsibility for the content or business practices of these sites. Users should visit and read the privacy policies of these other sites, because these sites are not covered by our privacy policy and they may follow procedures that are different than our own. will never give a third party your email address or other personal information, except as described in the two paragraphs immediately above (for example, to a contest fulfillment house, or as required by law). However, if you visit a third-party website and choose to opt-in to register with one of our partners or sponsors - or if you neglect to opt-out when given the opportunity - you have allowed this third party to collect your registration information, including your email address.

DIC Entertainment has put in place the appropriate procedures to prevent against unauthorized access to our databases to ensure that the personal information we collect from our visitors remains secure. We have security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information that our guests provide to us. Although we will exercise reasonable care in providing secure transmission of information between your computer and our servers, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us over the Internet and we accept no liability for any unintentional disclosure.

The Privacy Policy described above is effective as of September 14, 2005. reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion. We will notify parents of registered users of material changes in our Privacy Policy, and will post the new policy on with the effective date of the change clearly marked. If you have concerns about your privacy on the Internet and, particularly, on our site, we suggest that you check back frequently to review any changes to this policy that may affect you.

By using this website, you signify your consent to and agreement with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions of this policy, you should not use our website. The website's content and features may be changed or supplemented at any time as described above. At the end of the Privacy Policy, we indicate the date on which the policy was last updated. Except where material changes in this policy will require us to obtain new parental consent, your continued use of the website after the posting of changes will indicate your acceptance of and agreement to such changes. If, at any time, you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, you should contact us immediately as described below with your Troll Name, your username, your email address, and your zip code, and instruct us to terminate your account, at which time we will do so and delete your account from our database. Any parental or guardian consent provided to DIC Entertainment will be deemed to apply to the revised Privacy Policy and new or modified features of the website as a whole, unless there is a material change in the data we collect, the manner in which we collect such data, or our data use or disclosure practices, in which case we will obtain a new consent.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy and practices, please contact us.

You can send us an email at

You can write to us at:
Privacy Manager
4100 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

You can call us at: (818) 955-5400. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have permission from your parent or guardian before calling.